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I'm Not Being Fed

by Jeff Cavins

In this audio series, Jeff Cavins explores the reasons why many Catholics have left the Church for evangelical Christianity. He responds to the most commonly-heard complaint of these former Catholics: that they simply were not being “fed” by their Church and that they longed for a more personal, “spiritually nourishing” relationship with Jesus.

With disarming wit, humorous asides, and anecdotes drawn from his own history as a cradle Catholic who left the Church only to return, Cavins points out the obvious: no hymn or sermon, however emotionally-satisfying or exciting, can ultimately satisfy without the Holy Eucharist.

In part one, entitled Hungering for God: A Scriptural Look at the Real Meal, Cavins focuses on the clear biblical evidence for the Real Presence. He makes the pointed observation that it is impossible to read much of the New Testament (particularly the sixth chapter of John’s Gospel) without recognizing that the Eucharist is not just a “nice symbol” or as a helpful “option” for fostering Christian fellowship - rather, it is the essence of Christianity, the very core of our faith.

The second part, I’ve Cooked My Last Supper: A Pastor Comes Home to the Eucharist, is more biographical. Cavins shares the story of his upbringing as a typical Catholic in a suburban Midwestern parish, the experiences which led him to embrace evangelical Christianity as a teenager, his twelve years of ministry as a protestant pastor, and the events which brought him “home” to the Catholic Church.

Even if you are a “die-hard” Catholic, I’m Not Being Fed will inspire and strengthen your faith in the Eucharist and in the truth of the Catholic faith.


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