by Teresa Tomeo

The most dominant force in the lives of almost all Americans is the media - the Internet, TV, radio, blackberries, ipods. The list goes on and on. Although incredibly intoxicating, the media all too often distracts us from that which is most important, and in many instances, actually fights against our good and noble goals in life.

As parents, educators, and consumers of the media, we have to get our media usage - and that of our families - under control. Otherwise, the media will control us, if it isn’t doing so already. In her new book, Noise, Teresa Tomeo, a veteran broadcast journalist in both the Catholic and secular markets, makes a compelling and irrefutable case about the dangers of our dominant media culture - and the adjoining liberalism and immorality that comes with it.

Tomeo gives a sobering analysis of each of the nine dominant forms of media, and she reveals how they are rapidly dismantling families and destroying lives.

You will learn:

  • The nine dominant forms of media, and how each can negatively impact our lives
  • What parents can do to protect their children - and themselves - from the dangers of media saturation
  • The effects of TV on children and young adults, and the proper limits parents should put in place
  • How to monitor the lyrics of your teens' favorite music groups
  • How biased the media really are, and how to sift through the propaganda
  • How to navigate your family through the minefield of media saturation
  • …and much more!

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Thank you Teresa. God Bless!
Submitted on 06-25-2012

Teresa’s insight into the media blitz cannot be understated. Her experience behind the scenes at a Detroit news station can attest to this.
The simple test that I tell people to to become more aware of the day to day noise that surrounds them is to do is try shutting everything off for one day. Any Sunday would be nice. See if time crawls by. See if you feel ancy. See how many times you reach for the remote, phone, computer….. See how much you accomplish. See how much better you feel at the end of the day. If you can go a month or six months see things in movies or particular stations that you never noticed before. Things that will repulse you where as before you ignored.

Noise by Teresa Tomeo
Submitted on 02-04-2009

This book gives irrefutable PROOF of the effect of TV, Movies and computers on the psyche of our young people. It’s not good. I purchased three books, highlighted several areas and gave them to my children to read and hopefully apply some of the principles for my grandchildren.

How to Find Truth amidst Noise
Submitted on 06-11-2008

Parents: would you allow your child to learn a foreign language you don’t understand, make friends with strangers who speak that language, and invite them into your home to fraternize with your children unsupervised? “No way”, you say, but let’s be honest. Isn’t that what so many teens are doing when they listed to Ipods, download videos onto their cell phones, chat on MySpace, or play video games? Children are generally more techno-literate than their parents and as technology gets more and more complex and personalized, it becomes harder to protect our children from the noise of popular culture as it seeps into our lives. We need a handbook to help us fend off this thief of our children’s innocence. Teresa Tomeo, veteran TV and radio broadcaster, and host of the popular Catholic Connection radio show on Ave Maria Radio, has done just that in her book “Noise”.
“Noise” answers the question so often voiced by the Baby Boomers, “What happened to TV?” When I was growing up, “Andy Griffith” and “I Love Lucy” were shows watched by the entire family, and now sexually charged shows like, “Desperate Housewives” is the most popular with young girls aged 9-12. Kids spend as much time hooked up to some form of media as they do in school these days, so we’d better educate ourselves about what’s going on, before they’re lost to us, and the Faith.
This book, which is as engrossing as it is terrifying, begins with a thorough explanation of the origins of the problem of immorality in media, and how Teresa, who worked for over 20 years in secular media, came to see the problem for what it is. The latter part of the book is divided into sections by type of media, with chapters dedicated to TV, radio, computer games, internet, music, and advertising, and explains the immoral influence in each. She ends her book with a challenge to each of us to get involved in changing the media culture for Christ, full of concrete suggestions from how to overcome our children’s addiction to media, to how to get family-friendly coverage on their local news station.
Did you know that “The DaVinci Code” movie far outsold “The Passion of the Christ”? The situation is dire, but take heart, says Teresa. If you have felt that it was too late to stem the tide of the media’s pernicious influence, take heart, says Teresa, new forms of media (talk radio, alternative cable news, and the internet) offer some hope to the prevailing humanist agenda out there. You are seeing the result of my taking her suggestions to heart; I began this blog as an attempt to help Catholic parents navigate the treacherous waters of modern media.
Even those of us who work in the media, however, and think we know a thing or two will be able to learn from Teresa Tomeo’s exhaustive research, includes references to current statistics on media influence, and valuable resource section at the back of the book. I have read it twice, and learned new things each time to help my children use media wisely, to educate and inform our faith, not destroy it.
Make “Noise” a part of your armory against the ravages of pop culture on your children, and you might find yourself, like me, installing a second computer in the family den, next to the kids' computer, for yourself.

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