Walking With God: A Journey through the Bible

Walking With God: A Journey through the Bible

by Tim Gray and Jeff Cavins

Read the entire story of the Bible in one captivating and inspirational book…

The Bible plays a vital role in the life of the Catholic Church. In fact, we are called to immerse ourselves daily in the Scriptures. But many of us get lost when we actually dive into the Bible, and our time spent can be more frustrating than fruitful. We are reading a collection of writings drafted by an ancient people, in an ancient culture. But Scripture is nothing less than the Living Word of God, and it is meant just as much for us as for those who lived thousands of years ago.

In Walking with God, Dr. Tim Gray and Jeff Cavins unpack the central story woven throughout Scripture and present it in an easy-to-read, concise manner. Gray and Cavins take you on a journey through the “narrative” books of the Bible—the ones that tell the story—and present a panoramic view of God’s glorious plan of salvation. Their expert commentary dives deep into the mysteries of Scripture, unlocking its riches and showing how these inspired words are meant for you today.

Enter into the Scriptures with Walking with God. Witness the fascinating story of our faith unfold, and see how you, at this moment in your life, fit into God’s plan for all of humanity.

Nothing captivates the human heart like a good story, and the best story of all is the one authored by God Himself in Scripture. With keen insight and a genius for making the complex simple, Gray and Cavins help us see the big picture of God’s Word by guiding us through the depths and compelling details of the biblical narrative. This book is an invaluable guide to the mystery and meaning of Sacred Scripture.
Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap. Archbishop of Denver

For ordinary Catholics, taking a journey through the Bible just got a whole lot easier. With this book, Walking with God, Tim Gray and Jeff Cavins make it so that you are starting out on the trip with a good map and compass, along with a couple of great friends as reliable guides. You don’t want to miss out on such a great adventure.
Scott Hahn, Ph.D. Founder and President, St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology

Faced with contentious questions, ancient cultures, and obscure scholarship, it is easy to forget that the Bible is meant to be heard, read, and prayed by all of us. Dr. Tim Gray and Jeff Cavins offer a highly readable overview of the biblical narrative that is very helpful for the average Catholic to explore the wonders of the Bible. They incorporate modern scholarship without being stuffy and ancient wisdom without being obtuse.
Fr. Patrick Brady, S.S.L., S.T.D.
Professor, St. Charles Borromeo Seminary, Philadelphia

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Submitted on 10-21-2014

This book gives a whole new perspective to what is written in the Bible. It connects all the main stories through the whole timeline giving meaning to all the events. It answers many questions I had in the old testaments and the Gospels. A book that cannot be put down till you read to the end. I recommend that it to be read by every Christian.

A journey through the bible
Submitted on 03-12-2014

After watching the session on Quick journey through the bible, it was so amazing, that I started reading the bible once again, as now I know the story, as who are prophets and in what context they were writing, and the time period in which they wrote and above the connection between old & New Testament. I wish more such series should come forward, and the Bible made easier for the common man to understand, including the Bible teacher

Submitted on 09-16-2013

I am almost done (just period of the Church remaining) but I thought I'd write the review now.

It simply is un-putdownable! This is the Bible reading like a novel, a saga!

It is incredible the wealth of information and enlightenment that has been packed into this book. As I got to the Maccabean revolt I knew I was nearing the climax and I was almost in tears at the beauty of the love story that has slowly unfolded- the tender love of God and the rebellious stiff-necked people. But as Jeff said in the DVD.... then I looked in the mirror :-). It is uncanny the way it enables one find one's self ... right there in the story.

I cannot recommend this highly enough. After the first chapter I bought a copy for my sister. Then I showed it to a friend who is doing the QuickJourney with me and strongly advised him to please buy one. Have just bought my third and fourth copies for another two member of our AQJTB study group.

It is so beautifully written that when I started writing this review all I wanted to say was ! ! ! !!!!!.

What else can I say? Thank you Lord for your great love for us that caused this book to be written.

Submitted on 10-17-2012

I have been itching to finish this book, Walking with God, so I could write a review on it. Written by Dr. Tim Gray and Jeff Cavins, I knew immediately that I was going to get a quality book. Jeff Cavins is well known for his DVD series knows as The Great Adventure where he takes you through the Bible in a chronological order to help you make sense of the salvation story of the Bible. This book accomplished the same thing that the DVD series does.

You start in the book of Genesis and walk your way through the Bible until you get to the book of Acts. Not all books of the Bible are covered in great deal, as they do not provide the framework for the whole Bible, but they are mentioned as supplemental material to the core books of this scholarly work. In addition to a complete walkthrough of the Bible, there are also many helpful word and topic studies and maps and figures that help illustrate points that would be hard to understand just by reading.

I think my favorite part of the book was that it explained how different people and events in the Bible mirrored previous people or events.We see Joseph (Old Testament, not New Testament) as a prefigurement to Jesus. The Great Flood and Crossing the Red Sea are a prefigurement for Baptism. And time and time again, we see the Israelites making the same mistakes over and over again. Different generation...same sins.

I wish I could give this book more than 5 stars, but 5 out of 5 is my max rating. For anyone who has trouble understanding the big picture of the Bible, this is for you. For anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge of the Bible, this is for you. For anyone who has never read through the Bible but wants to, this is for you. Basically, I'm saying this book is for everyone. I've already given my mom a copy of the book, and I want to go back and read this book again. It has so much knowledge in it that I'm sure I missed a ton of stuff. Check out my other reviews at http://stuartsstudy.blogspot.com

Continuity and Correspondences
Submitted on 08-03-2012

This is an excellent condensation of the biblical story of salvation, particularly focusing on the continuity and correspondences between the Old and New Testaments. Something else I really enjoyed was the definitions of many Biblical names. For instance, Barabbas means “son of the father”, so it adds a layer of meaning that the people asked that “son of the father” be freed while they demanded the crucifixion of the “Son of the Father”.

Submitted on 06-25-2012

This is an excellent companion for the Bible Timeline, The Story of Salvation. It’s the Bible story made readable. It’s a guide to the meaning of sacred scripture. For anyone who wants to make the bible less mysterious, this is the book to read.

You have never heard the Bible stories like this!
Submitted on 06-25-2012

Many of us have never advanced in our understanding of Scripture beyond the stories we heard when we were small. This book presents the stories as the Author meant them to be understood. Words that we sometimes gloss over mean something and Scripture scholars Dr. Tim Gray and Jeff Cavins present the historical books of the Bible in a clear manner, telling the stories, explaining with the original language means. You will read Scriptures in a new way, with a new understanding of salvation history. I recommend this book for everyone who wants to learn more about the Bible and what the inspired words really mean.

Want to understand the bible?
Submitted on 06-25-2012

I know of no better introduction especially to the old testament for Catholics. It is a great and quick read, and after reading this scripture readings and study will reveal dimensions to the Word hertofore hidden. What is better than the Word of God? Having it opened just a bit more to let more light in.

Good book
Submitted on 06-25-2012

If you’ve ever picked up the Bible and lost interest in reading it because you felt it was a little too boring, then Walking With God is a must read. The authors will keep your interest as they explain much of the Old Testament right up to the time of Christ!

Help in understanding the Bible
Submitted on 01-07-2011

This book has been a great help to me in understanding the culture of the times when the books of the Bible were written. With Biblical references in the text of the book, I can read the Bible along with the book. The book makes the Bible come to life.

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