Chosen: Your Journey Towards Confirmation

A Powerful Approach to Confirmation

Chosen: Your Journey Toward Confirmation is a twenty-four-lesson program that provides everything you need to prepare your students both intellectually and spiritually to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation and to become lifelong disciples of Christ. All too often we see teens drift away from the Church after Confirmation. Chosen seeks to reverse this trend by winning over the hearts of teens at a critical time in their lives and keeping them firmly planted within the faith community of the Church.

Chosen’s carefully designed methodology features highly effective and engaging material conveyed through videos, student workbooks, and classroom experience. Guides for leaders, parents, and sponsors––as well as additional online resources––make Chosen unlike any program available in the Church today.

Chosen has been produced in two formats, this Confirmation edition (Chosen: Your Journey Toward Confirmation) and a Teen Faith Formation edition (Chosen: This Is Your Catholic Faith). Both use the same twenty four lessons and only differ in how Confirmation preparation is emphasized and highlighted in the Confirmation edition.

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Comprehensive. Relevant. Effective.

  • Calls teens to a personal encounter with Jesus Christ.
  • Fully equips and prepares teens to receive the grace of Confirmation
  • Visually stunning, fast-paced videos, filmed in more than fifty locations throughout the U.S. and internationally.
  • Features twelve top youth experts presenting The Faith in new and unexpected ways.
  • Effective methodology based on the RCIA model (i.e., pre-evangelization, evangelization, catechesis, and discipleship) and grounded in the Catechism and Scripture.
  • Easy to implement, with step-by-step leader’s notes and flexible scheduling options.
  • Connects with teens and inspires them on multiple levels—intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.
  • Rich offering of free, continually updated online resources, including downloads for a Retreat, Penance Service, Examination of Conscience, and more.

Praise for Chosen

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Teens who experience Chosen will find themselves drawn deeply into the beauty of Catholicism and the love of Jesus Christ. In a world searching for meaning, Chosen speaks to the hearts and minds of our youth...This is a new level of catechesis that uses modern methods to transmit eternal truths.Most Reverend Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap.,
Archbishop of Philadelphia

Visually Stunning. Incredibly Effective.

Filmed on locations all around the U.S. and internationally, Chosen keeps teens’ interest with the right balance of faith, fun, and powerful vignettes that challenge their existing perspectives on the meaning of their lives and their ultimate call to holiness.

Chosen was filmed all around the world

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The Starter Pack provides all five resources a leader needs for the Chosen experience! It contains one DVD Set, one Leader’s Guide, one Student Workbook, one Sponsor’s Guide, and one Parent’s Guide. Learn More.


The Student Pack includes the three components designed to make sure the student, sponsor, and parents are all involved in the Chosen experience. It contains one Student Workbook, one Sponsor’s Guide, and one Parent’s Guide. Learn More.


The 8-DVD Set provides twenty-four lessons (approximately 15-20 minutes each) with some of the most powerful and compelling speakers in the Church. Learn More.


The Leader’s Guide provides all the framework and content a catechist needs to guide the candidates on the journey to Confirmation. It contains an easy 10-step structure for every Chosen lesson, as well as a program overview, planning and scheduling resources, leader’s notes, and more. Learn More.


The Student Workbook provides the space for the Confirmation Candidate to enter in and engage with the Chosen program, helping to reinforce the lessons given in the video presentation. It includes fill-in-the-black questions, prayers, vocabulary, stories of saints, the Challenge of the Week, and more. Learn More.


The Sponsor’s Guide not only instructs the sponsor how to fulfill their role, but is an opportunity to revisit and rekindle their faith. It includes an overview of a sponsor’s role, conversation starters, Top Ten Catholic questions that your candidate may approach you with, and more. Learn More.


The Parent’s Guide not only instructs the parents in their integral role with their child’s Confirmation preparation, but is an opportunity to revisit and rekindle their own faith. It includes an overview of a parent’s role, guidelines for supporting their child’s journey of faith, tips for talking with their child, and more. Learn More.


The Parent’s Guide (Spanish) instructs parents in the integral role they play in their child’s Confirmation preparation, and its content provides an opportunity for them to revisit and rekindle their own faith. Specifically revised and edited for Spanish-speaking parents, the Parent’s Guide includes an overview of the parent’s role in Confirmation, guidelines for supporting their child’s journey of faith, and tips for talking with their child.

Due to high demand, this product is expected to ship in early October. Learn More.


The Sponsor’s Guide (Spanish) instructs Confirmation sponsors in how to fulfill their role, and its content is an opportunity for them to revisit and rekindle their own faith. Specifically revised and edited for Spanish-speaking sponsors, the Sponsor’s Guide includes an overview of the role of a sponsor, conversation starters, and a list of the “Top Ten Catholic Questions” your candidate may ask you. Learn More.