Amazing Grace For The Catholic Heart

Amazing Grace For The Catholic Heart

by Jeff Cavins, Matthew Pinto, Patti Armstrong

Amazing Grace for the Catholic Heart will help you celebrate your Catholic faith like no other book you have ever read. It will take your heart and soul on a joyous spiritual retreat from the challenges and struggles of everyday life. This collection of 101 stories of faith, inspiration, hope and humor attest to the power and beauty of God’s amazing grace.


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Submitted on 06-25-2012

Gave this book to my sister, our family is and was raised catholic. She loved it! Especially that is was short stories and could read a story at a time. The stories were so interested it was a hard book to put down, she wants to reread it,it was that good.

The title says it all
Submitted on 06-25-2012

The stories in this book are so inspiring. I couldn’t put the book down, and it’s the kind you want to read again and again. Each story has the ring of truth and there’s no sentimentality. You won’t be disappointed!

Truly uplifting book
Submitted on 06-25-2012

Some books warm the heart,inspiring it to hope again. The poignant storylines remind me of Katherine Valentine’s Dorsetville series. This is one of those books. I highly recommend it to anyone going through tough times. It’s bound to renew your faith.

Submitted on 06-25-2012

I like to say it’s like Lay’s potato chips: You can’t stop at just one of the stories in this book. Each story is the perfect length for a quick reading in the course of a busy life. Yet each is inspirational and you find yourself trying to sneak in just one more story before you have to get back to your duties.
I have and will continue to give this book as gifts. It is the perfect end-of-year gift for Catholic school teachers or CCD/RE teachers. Frankly, giving it out to your family and friends is a great idea too. Easy to read, yet never “fluffy” or watered-down, it is another amazing contribution by Jeff Cavins and Matt Pinto. Thanks guys!

Very good read
Submitted on 07-09-2007

This is a wonderful collection of stories. It always sounds funny to say that a book made you laugh and cry, but this one really will! Isn’t God amazing? These stories will certainly make you think about how God has intervened in your own life.

Not just for the Catholic heart
Submitted on 04-08-2005

All of the stories may not hit home with you but so many will. As the title states – stories of faith, hope, inspiration and humor. A book you want to pass on to others to read.

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