Epic: A Journey Through Church History, Study Set

Epic: A Journey Through Church History, Study Set

by Steve Weidenkopf & Dr. Alan Schreck

This Study Set is intended for use with Epic: A Journey Through Church History video DVDs and audio CDs. It includes everything a participant needs to complete the 20-part study. The workbook guides participants through their study of Catholic Church History with thought-provoking questions and lesson overviews. Comprehensive Study Set Responses provide answers and further commentary on the questions. Each lesson is designed to be followed by the corresponding talk from the DVD or CD series.

This Kit includes:

  • Epic Workbook
  • Epic Timeline Chart
  • Epic Timeline Bookmark

About Epic:

Presented by Steve Weidenkopf, this exciting 20-part series takes you through the major people, places, and events that make up the history of the Catholic Church. See the glory of the Church founded by Christ and understand where you fit into this Epic story. For group or private study.

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Coordinator of Ministries & Stewardship
Submitted on 03-17-2015

I had the pleasure of facilitating a small group through the Epic 20 week series and highly recommend it for adult faith formation. By exploring the history of our faith, we learned how relevant what has happened over 2000 years is to our current times. It is very detailed so the small group discussion that follows each DVD lesson helped us focus on what the major take-aways were for each of us. The extra resources for digging in deeper are excellent. We also liked the fact that there was no homework with this study. We came, watched, absorbed and shared in our group and with our friends and family.

Catholic Church History
Submitted on 02-03-2012

This is a good series. It should be read and viewed by every Catholic and even Protestants. Understanding Christian church history is important, even for Protestants, since the Protestant Church was the Catholic Church before the Reformation.

The best one out there!
Submitted on 03-06-2010

Epic is a serious study of Catholic Church history done by the most up to date and reputable scholars in the field. Well worth getting and studying for your own growth in the Faith!

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