God's Plan for Love, Starter Pack

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$ 129.99

by Christopher West and Tom McCabe

God’s Plan for Love provides couples with a rich understanding of the teachings of the Church and offers them the tools to live them out in married life. God’s Plan for Love is a key element of marriage preparation—catechesis in the theology of marriage and the gift of human sexuality. This Starter Pack includes:

  • Six videos
  • Leader’s Guide
  • Couple’s Guide
  • Our Joy-Filled Marriage Couple’s Journal

This program will help participants:

  • See the significance of their call to married life
  • Appreciate what the Catholic Church means by “marriage,” and why
  • Embrace the gift of grace that makes a lifelong, joy-filled marriage possible

1. God’s Plan for Marriage “In the Beginning”
2. Christ Restores God’s Plan for Marriage
3. To What Are You Saying, “I Do”?
4. Where the Words of Your Vows Become Flesh
5. The Beauty of Openness to Life
6. Living God’s Plan for a Joy-Filled Marriage

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