Living a Joy-Filled Marriage

Living a Joy Filled Marriage, Starter Pack

by Tom McCabe and Gregory Popcak

Living a Joy-Filled Marriage is a virtue-based, life-skills marriage preparation program designed to help engaged couples set patterns of thought and behavior that will ensure a lifelong, joy-filled marriage.

Living a Joy-Filled Marriage springs from the teaching of St. John Paul II’s calling to families and couples to explore their uniqueness by seeking their identity and mission in Christ.

This Starter Pack includes:

  1. Couple's Workbook
  2. Leader's Guide (Binder)
  3. Marriage Action Plan Book

This program incorporates a three-stage approach:

  • Learning Stage: First, couples learn sound principles and a fresh, virtue-based approach to life skills through the narrative of a live presentation.
  • Discuss & Discover Stage: Through a variety of focused activities, couples discuss their relationships, learn about themselves, and begin applying what they have learned.
  • Plan & Build Stage: The final stage helps couples to recognize topics they may need to discuss at a later date, to identify shared goals, and to set concrete plans to build a joy-filled marriage. All of this is captured in this planning document, The Marriage Action Plan (MAP).

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Submitted on 10-31-2014

Tom McKabe came to Kalamazoo a few weeks ago for a training session which we attended. At first we found it confusing and almost daunting, but the more we learned, the better we liked it. We have been married for 47 years and at least half that time we have been involved in various forms of marriage preparation or marriage enrichment. This program is very full, and combined with God's Plan for a Joy-Filled Marriage, we feel it is very comprehensive. In speaking with those in charge of the Family Life office at the Diocese, it seems that if couples take these programs seriously and are willing to work at building a good marriage from the start, the only other things they need are NFP training and then mentoring support of more experienced couples in their early years of marriage. We liked the format for its variety of experiences during the presentations including talks by married couples, hands on activities to stress a teaching or a point, time for couple communication, and some fun activities to lighten up the day. The presenters have some options of varying oral presentations with DVDs also to break up any monotony or to add the professional view for the couples' consideration. We still have a lot of work to do to study the materials, but we think we are going to enjoy learning and that the program will be an asset to the engaged as well as their future married life and families

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