Theology of His Body / Theology of Her Body (2 Books, 1 Volume)

Theology of His Body / Theology of Her Body (2 Books, 1 Volume)

by Jason Evert

Theology of Her Body and Theology of His Body will feed your teens with liberating answers to their most pressing questions about love and sexuality. These books offer solid, relevant teachings in a language teens understand. But more than just presenting the truth itself, they deliver the tools teens need to achieve the greatness for which they were created.

This book comes at a critical time, because tragically, many teens have forgotten their calling, or worse, have never heard it. As a result, they don’t know who they are or who and what they are meant to be for one another. This means they often resort to ‘using’ instead of authentically loving others and themselves.

Theology of Her Body and Theology of His Body are two books in one. Teens are encouraged to not only learn the truth about their own body, but also to discover the beauty of the opposite sex, for it is in seeing the complementarity of the two sexes that one discovers the real meaning of his or her own body. This is the perfect companion to the Theology of the Body for Teens program, and is also ideal for teens new to the Theology of the Body.

One thing is certain: anyone who reads this book will never look at his/her body, or anybody, in the same way again.

In these books teens will discover:

  • How to live a life that will make them happy and fulfilled.
  • That their sexual desires are good and holy and actually designed by God.
  • The amazing meaning of their body and that it is very good.
  • Their true calling and purpose in life.
  • How to be the man or woman of greatness they are destined to be.
  • The meaning and power behind the words Beauty, Femininity, Strength and Mission.
  • What it means to be created male and female in God’s image of love.
  • The ways we have messed up God’s original plan for us and how to fully restore it.

…and much more!


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Submitted on 02-28-2016

I am a teen and had to read this book. at first I didnt want to read it but it is amazing! I definatly recomend it to all ages especially teens!

Great for teens and pre-teens
Submitted on 06-25-2012

Parents! Have the “talk” with your kids and their future spouse will thank you for it. This book is perfect for pre-teens through college bound adults. Quick read and good intro into Theology of the Body.

Wish this book was around when we were teens
Submitted on 06-25-2012

I cannot recommend strongly enough that parents AND teens read this book and discuss it, meditate over it, take its message to heart. Young people need to hear the message of how precious they are in God’s eyes so they do not cast their pearls before swine or hurt themselves and others. Especially since we live in a culture that tells everyone they are worthless unless they are thin enough, smart enough, handsome enough, rich enough etc. according to the world’s standards.

Theology of the Body
Submitted on 06-25-2012

Every Jr High/High schoolers should have this book. Great insight into our sexuality.

Theology of His/Her Body
Submitted on 06-25-2012

Gave this book, Theology of His Body/Theology of Her Body to 14 teens making their Confirmation, 2011. Great book for teens. Author Jason Everett is a favorite for teens. Covers topics teens are interested in and want answers to. Good buy for teens.

Submitted on 10-08-2011

As a Middle School Faith Formation coordinator, I will be implementing the Theology of the Body program into our curriculum. I wanted to read more about Theology of the Body, so I got this book and Theology of the Body for Beginners by Christopher West. I was happy to see how appropriate the material is not only for middle schoolers but myself as well!

Thought Provoking
Submitted on 09-02-2011

This book spoke to me in a language that was neither too simplified or too “theology professor”-ish. It made me look at myself as a woman in proper perspective removing the glow of secular ideals.

Short and Sweet
Submitted on 12-01-2009

Read it. I finished it in less than five hours. Now I want to get a copy for everyone I know.

Truth is Beauty!
Submitted on 08-02-2009

This is a book that my husband and I wish to hand every young gentleman and have them read before they are allowed to date our daughters! And, this is an important read for every young lady too! It helps to erase the false ideas of our secular culture and replace them with the beauty and truth of God and what He has intended for the relationships of men and women.

Sex is not just good...
Submitted on 06-09-2009

Sex is not just good; sex is not even great; sex is holy. That is the conclusion of theologians concerning Pope John Paul II’s “Theology of the Body.” Far from the prudish prohibitions that ignore the reality of hormones, this is a proper understanding of what sex was meant to be and how that understanding is an icon of God. It is no wonder one JPII biographers has compared the theology of the body with a cultural time bomb set to explode sometime in the 21st century. Set the time bomb in others. Ideas have consequences and this idea could very well have the power to change our culture for the better.

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