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  • The Catholic's Divorce Leader's Guide

    The Leader’s Guide is essential for every leader of the Catholic’sDivorce Survival Guide program.

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  • The Catholic's Divorce Survival Guide - Personal Survival Guide

    This Personal Survival Guide is simple and easy to use, providing Survival Points and Take Home Tips that correspond to the DVD Sessions. It also contains plenty of space for journaling notes and reflections, helping the lessons to take root in the heart.

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  • The Catholic's Divorce Survival Guide - 12 DVD Set

    In this landmark series, Rose Sweet, renowned author, speaker, and pastoral counselor, tackles the pain and suffering of divorce from her own experience and the perspective of the Catholic Church. Joining Rose in these twelve 30-minute sessions is a distinguished team of priests and professionals, including Fr. Mitch Pacwa, SJ, Dr. Ray Guarendi, Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC, Christopher West, and Fr. Steve Porter, STL, who have dedicated their lives to helping people understand and cope with loss...

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  • The Catholic's Divorce Survival Guide Starter Pack

    The starter pack contains all three components needed to run The Catholic’s Divorce Survival Guide.

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  • Understanding Your Decree of Nullity

    You never wanted this to happen, but now you’re civilly divorced. There’s no such thing as Catholic divorce because in God’s eyes a valid marriage can never be broken. But sometimes what looks like a marriage from the outside can be fatally flawed from the beginning.Only God can see deeply into the human heart. He knows how human frailty and weakness, and inabilities of some people to enter into marriage freely and fully despite their best attempts. After careful study of...

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  • Rebuilding After Divorce

    You CAN rebuild after divorce. It just takes a blueprint!Whether you’ve recently divorced or it’s been a few years, you can rebuild a life rich in faith, hope, and lots of love. But first you’ll need blueprints, clear directions to make your house a home again. Where should you start? By laying a solid foundation that will hold up under the drizzle of daily life and any raging storms that may come. And the cornerstone of that foundation is Christ.

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    Theology of the Body Congress 2016 Flash Drive

    Perfect for those who couldn’t make the 2016 TOB Congress in Southern California, or even those who attended but couldn’t make every talk: This 8GB USB flash drive contains 39 talks from the 2016 TOB Congress in MP3 format.

    Now you can bring home all the wit and wisdom of some of the best Catholic speakers on the subjects of love, sexuality, and our relationships with God and each other.

    Included Talks:

    Hope for Infertile Couples - Adriana Vasquez
    Single’s Guide to TOB - Anastasia Northrop...

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  • Healing the Divorced Heart

    Often those who suffer the “heart attack” of divorce fail to follow a plan to recovery. They allow the build-up of bitterness to continue to clog emotional arteries. Just as the cardiologist orders heart medication, divorce recovery needs a prescribed course of action-rest, medication, and changes in routine or daily diet.Healing the Divorced Heart offers pocket-sized prescriptions for various symptoms that come as a result of divorce. Rose Sweet invites those who have been damage...

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