T3: The Teen Timeline youth Bible study is changing the way Catholic teens learn Scripture. Relevant, engaging, and effective, it lays a foundation that lasts a life time.

The Word of God is Not Reaching our Teens

It happens all too often. In spite of best attempts, after Confirmation, catechesis and religious training for our youth ends. The very sacrament intended to spiritually strengthen and launch one’s mature faith journey ends up being a graduation from religious formation. What a tragedy. At the very time our youth most need the Word of God, they are effectively abandoned. But not for like of trying. Outdated books and watered down curriculum so often used to reach teens simply don’t connect with them. There is no mystery as to why Catholic youth Bible study generally has not worked. Until now.

Bringing the Fullness of Christ to Our Youth

The Teen Timeline—or T3—is the teen version of the revolutionary Great Adventure Bible Timeline learning system that hundreds of thousands of Catholic adults have used to learn the Bible. This is the youth Bible study that is making scripture come alive for Catholic teens. It shows the “big picture” of salvation history and relates it practically and directly to the lives of our Catholic youth. For the first time, teens will begin to wrap their minds and hearts around the Scriptures and see the Bible as a relevant part of their lives.

T3 is Making an Impact

Ideal for high school, youth group, or religious education setting, T3 can be used as a standalone program or in conjunction with your current youth Bible study curriculum. Just some of T3’s benefits:

  • Gives teens a solid foundation for years of future Bible study
  • Frees leaders’ schedules, so they can spend more time ministering to teens
  • The program makes the job of catechists and youth ministers much easier
  • Know you will reach teens with in an engaging presentation specifically designed for them
  • Gives instructors valuable insights in effective communication of the Gospel to a post-modern generation of Catholics
  • Offer teachers the flexibility to implement a Bible study in any setting
  • Leaves teens laughing, pondering, and desiring to read the Bible on their own!
T3: Acts and Revelation

A Dynamic Catholic Youth Bible Study

The key to the success of the T3: The Teen Timeline youth Bible study is its unique approach, highly engaging DVD video presentation, and interactive workbook materials. The program is packed with relevant insights for our teens surrounded by a culture of relativism and desperately in need of God’s truth. With T3 they finally “get it.” And they like it.

Praise for T3: The Teen Timeline

Teens in our parish are on fire because of The Teen Timeline. It has inspired our youth to attend Mass regularly and get excited about their Faith. Mindy Strom,
St. Francis Xavier Church Sartell, MN