The Theology of the Body is a revolutionary message about the beauty and dignity of being human, male and female. Discover the meaning of your life, how to answer your unique call to greatness, and find your path to happiness.

Is Your Life Fulfilled? Are You Searching for Purpose?

Theology of the Body is about trusting God. You have without doubt been hurt in life, by another, through circumstances beyond your control, through consequences of your own wrong decisions. So central to the confusion, pain, and anxiety is not understanding life’s purpose. But there is a purpose. God’s plan for us is stamped right into our bodies. The Gift reveals God’s plan and gives you a new lens through which to see your life, your relationships, and the world around you.

Get a Vision for Life

Theology of the Body is nothing less than finding out how to answer your call to greatness. Discover who you really are—and what you are called to be. To know your true purpose is to discover your path to the freedom and the joy you were created for. Sound too good to be true? Theology of the Body is nothing but the gospel as it is written in your body. We are body and soul by design. And you need to know why.

Praise for The Gift

The Gift is a comprehensive study system for individuals, groups and parishes wanting to know how to apply Theology of the Body in their lives. Presented by the most dynamic instructors, recognized around the world for their authoritative teaching of John Paul II’s Theology of the Body —teachers like as Christopher West, Jason Evert, and Damon Owens—our programs have literally transformed the lives of thousands of people of all ages. It is a revolution of conversion. Listen to their testimony.