Great Adventure Catholic Bible Indexing Tabs

Great Adventure Catholic Bible Indexing Tabs

by Jeff Cavins

The Great Adventure Bible Indexing Tabs are pre-cut, one-inch, self-adhesive tabs that fit the pages of any full-size Bible. Included are color coordinated tabs for each of the seventy-three books of the Catholic Bible, along with easy instructions for application. You just peel, position and apply. No more searching for a particular book—just reach out and turn the right tab! A great way to help you quickly locate each book of the Bible and easily memorize the timeline period colors as found in The Great Adventure Bible Timeline Learning System. These tabs can be used with any full-size Bible.


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index tabs
Submitted on 11-02-2012

A great way to help access the bible more quickly. A must have for bible study groups. Will take about an hour to install. it is easy to accidentally affix a tab to two pages at the same time, so be careful. Also be careful with your initial spacing.

love them
Submitted on 06-25-2012

I bought the bible indexing tabs for a Catholic bible. It took some time to apply the tabs and I had to work carefully but I am so happy that I did it. These tabs go along with Jeff Cavins bible study and they make it so easy to find the books in the bible. I may buy some more for my other bibles.

Nice, easy to apply, and very handy!
Submitted on 06-25-2012

The adhesive backing is sticky enough to adhere well, but not so sticky as to create problems when applying. In fact, at one point I accidentally applied one incorrectly, but since I hadn’t yet pressed firmly down on it, I was able to gently remove it without tearing the page and then reapply it successfully. I would compare the level of adhesion to a standard piece of tape, which I think is ideal. I know these will stay put.
The print and color coding are bright and easy to read. I like the color coding because it makes it easy to learn and locate the tabs quickly. (If all the tabs were the same color, I would have to look at each one more carefully and read the label to identify the right book.)
The tab size is very nice. The included positioning card shows how to apply the tabs (vertical spacing) on bibles of 7.5" tall or greater. I applied mine to the Ignatius Catholic RSV Compact Zippered Bible, which is only 6.5" tall, but they worked fine. It fit four tabs vertically with no overlap, though you could squeeze in five vertically if you don’t mind a little bit of overlap. I’m glad the tabs are very thin and flexible because my bible has a zippered perimeter. These tabs part gently out of the way and fit under the leather cover flap as the zipper makes its way around to close up the case, which is just what I was hoping they would do.
It includes all the tabs you need for a full Catholic bible. It also includes tabs for other general sections, such as “Bible, General”, “Topical Index”, “Helps”, “The Teachings of Jesus”, “Maps”, “Tables”, “Charts”, etc., though I didn’t have need of these since I applied mine to a small compact bible lacking in those additional materials.

Submitted on 06-25-2012

The tabs were very easy to use and place where needed. I would highly recommend this item to anybody no matter what version of the Bible they use. Just Excellent.

Great product
Submitted on 06-25-2012

If you’ve ever considered taking or have taken Jeff Cavin’s Great Adventure Bible Timeline, then these will definitely help. They not only keep your Bible books easy to find based on adding tabs to your Bible, but they are color-coded for each period in the course timeline…it makes it easy to relate the books in your Bible to the course materials.

Excellent addition to your Bible
Submitted on 06-25-2012

These are great and easy to use. Just follow the instructions and make sure you start at the begining of your Bible. I would highly recommend them to anyone. I’m thinking about getting another set for another Bible.

Catholic Bible Tabs - The Best!
Submitted on 06-25-2012

I have had these TABS on my Bible for over a year now. What an asset they are! I have taken both the 8 and the 24 session Bible study by Jeff Cavin’s. I haven’t had the time to read chapter after chapter in the Bible, but the TABS make it a breeze to find the book in either the old or new Testiment, so I can locate a verse I wish to highlight.
Putting on the TABS is also a treat in itself. Yes, it takes time, but mostly because I would read a chapter everytime I turned to the next book to apply the next TAB!

Even I Can Do It
Submitted on 06-25-2012

As a member of several Bible groups, I am constantly searching for a verse to share. When attempting to use a specific Biblical verse, I am often inconvenienced by my inability to turn quickly to a book of the Bible. As a graduate of a Biblical school, fumbling around in the Scriptures is humbling.
I have previously used Bible indexing tabs. I found them difficult to mount on my Bible and an unclear guide after they were applied. So, I have been searching for better Bible indexing tabs.
The Great Adventure Bible Indexing Tabs by Ascension Press are a good solution to my problems. The tabs are color coded to match colors on a historical time line. The colors are vibrant and are easy to distinguish from one another.
A special bonus is that these indexing tabs are easy to use. I have never been very coordinated in crafts, and now that my hands are full of arthritis, it is tough for me to use small objects such as indexing tabs. These tabs are so well made that even I can apply them to a Bible. The set contains directions and spacing aids that take the guesswork out of applying each tab (for example: “have I left enough space to allow the tab to be seen?”) If I can do this, almost anyone can do this.
I highly recommend these Bible indexing tabs. I plan to order some for my friends.

Easiest indexing ever
Submitted on 06-03-2012

The best thing about these tabs is being able to take them off without ripping the page.The next best thing is the placement guide – all tabs placed perfect in 20 minutes; You can’t beat that for easy! Cost is right, Delivery was fast and Easy too; best bang for my money.

Submitted on 10-11-2011

These tabs makes it easy to find information quickly, does take some time and patience to install. Review your bible version and make sure they match. These tabs are for Catholic bible but the tab worked on my King James.

Loved them
Submitted on 08-07-2011

If you are Catholic you will love these i think they are beautiful and they have lasted and look great.

Submitted on 02-11-2011

We started our Bible study in our Catholic church and this product is wonderful… My family is always the first to find the verse we will study next. Thanks for such a great product, but it does take some time getting them on so plan a little alone time no kids!

Worth the money
Submitted on 02-09-2011

Tabs make Bible study so much easier. They require a little bit of effort to set up, but are totally worth it.

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